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About Us

Facilities Management has 270 employees with an annual operating budget of approximately $33 million including utilities. Most of Facilities Management services are provided with the employee labor force and augmented with outside contractors, as required, to support rehabilitation and new construction projects. In addition to these services we also offer design and fabrication services for custom office and laboratory furnishings, chauffer service and manage Tournament Park - a recreational area for special events.

We are committed to the needs of our faculty, students, staff, and public who represent our customers. Our goal is to develop a partnership with all of our customers, and customer service is our highest priority.

We believe that communication is the linchpin of service and we will work to ensure that we communicate clearly and timely.

We are committed to our employees and fully support a quality work life that provides both personal and professional satisfaction and growth. We train all employees to develop their technical competence and promote pride in their work. We provide career paths for employees to attain the highest possible levels of their abilities, and we will empower our employees to assist in making Caltech a better place to live and work.

We welcome suggestions from our customers and colleagues to assist us in the continuous improvement of our services.