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Campus Operations & Maintenance

The Campus Operations and Maintenance group provides operating and maintenance services to all campus buildings and structures. Maintenance services include plumbing, heating and air conditioning and related control systems, after-hours and emergency service, fire alarm systems, elevators and emergency generators.

Maintenance also answers all building heating, cooling and plumbing trouble calls, and performs the scheduled maintenance and repairs on all maintained equipment. Maintenance operations are performed using AiM as the preferred computerized maintenance management system. Over 3,000 pieces of equipment including pumps, air handling units, fans, chillers and cooling towers are maintained and serviced.

Campus maintenance provides 24-hour service to the campus through an on-call service mechanic. For 24-hour maintenance services please call the Service Center at (626) 395-4717 or use the AiM online customer portal in Caltech Access

For additional information contact:

Matt Berbee via email,