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FO Project Management

"FO" project management is responsible for the development, design, planning, scheduling, and management of campus facilities infrastructure projects. These projects cover a wide range from capital construction to large and small projects designed to improve or repair existing or add new campus systems. Projects address all aspects of campus infrastructure including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, health, fire, life, safety and elevators. Many times FO projects address issues that affect the comfort and well being of the Caltech community. Responsibilities include:

  • Directing the development and management of FM projects including deferred maintenance and capital renewal projects as they relate to campus infrastructure, energy management, and conservation to meet Caltech's short and long term facility condition requirements.
  • Establishing scope and budget estimates for projects and develop complete project schedules.
  • Establishing, managing and inspecting all projects progress through meetings and field inspections, and ensures compliance with Institute standards.
  • Advising and interacting with appropriate customers on project development and work progress.
  • Coordinating and maintaining current databases to ensure requirements are coordinated with project development, to provide proper project accounting.
  • Providing administrative and technical support to the operation and maintenance of Caltech's energy management systems including program development.

 For additional information contact: Ben Smith at (626) 395-4190