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Shop Services

The Facilities' Shops provide the basic response to project/service requests initiated by the campus community. The shops are responsible for campus rehabilitation work in all trade areas including:


Provides painting and coating service for the exterior and interior of campus.

  • Exterior and Interior painting
    Preparation and painting of buildings, offices, laboratories, and facilities. Work includes floors, walls, windows, ceilings, doors, and cabinetry
  • Staining and Finishing
    Furniture, new and old cabinetry, also metal desk and file cabinets
  • Specialty coatings
    Single and two part epoxy's, resins, automotive quality enamels and anti static coatings
  • Signage
    Vinyl lettering and logos for offices buildings windows, doors, desk's and parking signage


Construction for new, remodel, and maintainace applications. Laboratory, office, and kitchen design and fabrication. Specialty fabrications with metal, plastics, wood and glass.

  • General
    Repair and maintenance of exteriors, and interiors
  • Construction
    Fabrication and installation for buildings, structures and remodels. Includes wood, tin can, stucco and cement composition.
  • Cabinetry
    Fabrication and installation for office, laboratory and facilities Rework, modifications and refinish of existing labs and offices.
  • Metal Fabrication
    Light welding, sheet metal work, and unistrut fabrication.
  • Specialized
    Fabrication utilizing Plastics, Corian and Laminates
  • Design and planning
    3D Computer layout and design of large and small projects. Project proposals and estimates


Provides materials and parts for general repair and maintenance.


Maintenance and installation of remodel and new electrical projects. Work includes
telephone, and computer cabling as well as general and high voltage applications. Electricians are California Certified

  • General electrical
    Lighting installation, repair and retrofits. Wiring for lab and office renovations
  • Circuits and panels
    Installs branch circuits and circuit breaker panels for equipment
  • Electrical trouble shooting
    Trouble shoots laboratory and building electrical systems
  • Computer and phone
    Installs racks, cable tray and related cable management for server rooms or similar spaces.
    Support IMSS and other campus computer networks, installs network and telephone cabling.Installs and connectorizes multi-mode and single-mode fiber optic cables
  • Assistance
    Assist with design and installation of new equipment
    Assist in design of laboratories and related systems


Provides a wide range of metal and acrylic stock, purchases and supplies gas cylinders and liquid nitrogen Dewars , and specialized gases on request


Provides services related to key and security systems as well as entry and special door repairs and maintenance Issues and engraving

  • Key Control
    Controls and distributes all campus keys. Provides lock changes and key duplication.
  • Security Systems
    High security locks and combination locks, hardware and support for campus card access systems,
  • Building Hardware
    Maintains and installs all campus building hardware including door closures, window and specialty systems
  • Locks and security systems
    Maintains and installs locking systems on desk, files, cabinets, computers and appliances.
  • Engraving and signage
    Provides engraved signage to include desk nameplates, door signs and name tags including brass and plastics.

The Shops work closely with the Facilities Project Managers in performing facilities rehabilitation work. This skilled work force is augmented by temporary and contractor personnel in order to meet workload demands.