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Flex Alerts

Conserving Power with Flex Alerts. What Are They and How Can I Help?

Summer heat waves combined with natural-gas curtailments may cause rolling blackouts in LA County, including Pasadena. Caltech is working with local utilities, Pasadena Water and Power and the Southern California Gas Company, to minimize the impact to the Caltech community. Over the summer, Flex Alerts may be declared as a call to conserve. Voluntary reductions of non-essential loads during a Flex Alert can help us avoid blackouts.

WHAT can trigger Flex Alerts?

  • high peak demand
  • unplanned power plant outages
  • fires that cause transmission line overloads, losses, or limitations
  • humid, hot weather and heat storms 

HOW you will be alerted?

  • Caltech will send texts to the community with instructions

WHAT should you do?

  • Increase thermostats to 78°F or higher
  • Turn off non-essential loads, e.g,
      -  Unnecessary lights
      -  Coffee pots, heaters, etc.
      -  Equipment that is not essential to present work
  • Use energy-intensive equipment after 6:00 p.m., if possible, when demand is lower

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