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HVAC Reduction Program

To save energy and reduce campus operating expenses the Facilities Management Department implemented in 2003, in cooperation with Division and Department Administrators, an HVAC reduction program in selected, non-critical areas. Currently sixteen buildings are participating to some degree.

The program currently saves about $400,000 annually in energy savings. With the exception of heating and air conditioning, no other building services are affected.

The program is operated by an energy management system that controls fan run times. The run times are set based on "agreed to" building, or areas within buildings, operating hours, for weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Comfort heat and air conditioning is turned off and on in accordance to the agreed to guidelines. For those who work outside of the HVAC reduction program hours, some minor inconvenience can be expected and your accommodation in order to contribute to the savings of energy is appreciated.

Because of the high cost of utilities, the HVAC reduction program will be expanded in the future in order to save on natural gas, electricity, and steam consumption, and to extend the life of utility equipment. We will work closely with Division, Department, and Building Administrators to insure that the program is expanded with minimal inconvenience to building occupants.

For more information on the HVAC reduction program, please contact Matt Berbée at (626) 395-6541 or